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April 22, 2015 was a very hard day for me. I received a phone call from my doctor explaining she might have an answer for my miscarriages. I had never heard of the term Balanced Robertstonian Translocation nor did I understand people could have chromosome mutations and live perfectly normal lives… well almost a perfectly normal lives. I was thankful for answers but terrified by the news.

I had made a commitment to volunteer at Central Union Mission that very same day. CUM is a faith-based non-profit program that helps the local D.C. community through a variety of programs. My husband was at work, I was alone with my thoughts, and all I wanted to do was lay in bed and cancel my volunteer service. But somehow I managed to get up, put on an old pair of jeans and running shoes, and head to Washington, DC.

There is no better remedy to for a hurting heart than helping someone else in need. The hour I was scooping potatoes and corn for men in the rehabilitation program was the best hour of my day. I witnessed a room full of people being transformed by God’s grace, including myself.

I believe every woman should have an opportunity to share her story. Writing is a great way to release your thoughts, understand your feelings, and help someone else struggling with a similar situation all at the same time.  After my second miscarriage, I was tired of keeping the loss of my beautiful babies a secret. I was uncomfortable in my internal mourning and felt no life should go unnoticed, no matter how short. I also believe women struggling with infertility, failed adoption attempts, repeat pregnancy loss, or any other barrier that keeps them from being a mother should have a support network.

Your story is important to so many women regardless of what stage you are in. Are you hopeful yet still empty handed? Are you reading this post as you hold the beautiful baby that made the painful years of trying worth it all? Do you have recommendations you would like to share from your personal experience? Are you discovering new roads to motherhood such as adoption? Always remember it’s not always about reaching your desired outcome, its learning how to enjoy the journey.


  1. E-mail and title your e-mail “Share Your Story.” This e-mail can include:
    1. A short introduction about what you want to accomplish
    2. Any questions you may have
    3. The story you would like to share with R2M
    4. A high pixel picture (horizontal preferred) but this isn’t required
  2. I will e-mail you back with support and let you see and approve all content before I ever share your words publicly.




32 thoughts on “Share Your Story

  1. Wow, God is simply and overwhelmingly good. To see the life, hope and joy being restored to your soul is a precious, precious blessing. Road2Motherhood was born out of your need to provide something you were looking for in a very dark hour. I am grateful and blessed to see you use your deeply personal heartache as a catalyst for supporting, comforting and encouraging other women.

    May God bless this site and the accompanying book. May his hand be upon yours as you write. May his heart shine through yours as you continue your journey. May His will be done as new ideas develop and emerge and may you trust Him to provide all you need to accomplish it. May He be know and may His will be done in all you do.

    Beyond words proud of you!

    Grateful to the awesome, mighty God we serve.

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