About Me 2015

Every woman’s road to motherhood is unique. Surprisingly, many people don’t realize that it is uniquely hard.

Hi, I’m Traci. I’m a military spouse who has been blessed to travel the world with my husband, Adam. We have been together for almost five years and we have a grumpy old dog named Jake. I love spending time in the kitchen and I enjoy creating cost effective ways to decorate my home. Adam and I currently live in Arlington, Virginia but that is all about to change. In January I will be moving to Fort Bragg, North Carolina and he will deploy to Saudi Arabia for a year.

To be honest I have always been a private person. I am not one to share too much on social media and I never let strangers into my little circle of trust. I guess that is all about to change too. In a short eight month span I lost two pregnancies, was diagnosed with a rare chromosome rearrangement (Balanced Robetstonian Translocation), was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder (Factor V Liden), and was told I had a cancer prominent in sixty year old white male smokers… really? Lord forgive me for trying that nasty cigarette in fifth grade!

I have spent hours with doctors and nurses, taken multiple urine samples and blood tests, shed tears, screamed out in anger, cried out in desperation, been filled with peace and hope, allowed jealousy to get the best of me and felt physical pain and emotional exhaustion unlike anything I have felt before.

I was sitting across from one of my best friends who flew out to visit me the day after I was diagnosed with bladder cancer when I realized something. To my surprise I wasn’t concerned so much with the cancer. I was more concerned with how complicated my life became when I started trying to have children. When my friend revealed how little she knew about “this road” it hit me. Neither did I. I knew nothing about still births, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, adoption, infertility, or any of the thousands of issues millions of women struggle with who are trying to start a family.

I pray the stories you find here bring you peace and hope. I pray this is a place where you can find support on your road2motherhood… your unique, scary, crazy, winding, beautiful road2motherhood.