From Loss to Adoption

Today R2M brings you an update from Amy, a previous guest writer, who shared her journey while taking care of her newborn son Hudson after he was diagnosed with HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome). After a strong fight, Hudson went to be with the Lord at eight months old. Today, Amy shares the complex emotions that come with being a mom, a mom of loss, and a mom waiting to adopt. I invite you to support Amy and Corey this Christmas by contributing to their adoption fund found here. You can also find more information on her Facebook page @HudsonsHeart.

A message from Amy:

“Our oldest was only nine months old when we found out that our second son, Hudson, was on the way. We were surprised in the best of ways. We started thinking about how close our boys would be growing up together and the money we could save with the hand-me-downs and shared toys. Everything changes when you find out you are pregnant. You start thinking in timelines and planning based on the arrival of this incredible bundle of joy.

But, about halfway through my pregnancy, we found out that Hudson had a severe congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. A few months after that diagnosis, we were told that he had several other complications and that our best bet for his survival was an immediate move from North Carolina to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. So, in a whirlwind, we dropped everything, including a full-time job, and moved.

We were in Philadelphia for nine months where we welcomed our precious second born, and we also lost him after many surgeries and a strong fight. I feel incredibly honored to be Hudson’s mom and the experience of loving him has forever changed who I am.  I experience his absence all of the time, whether in big moments or in small ones. I see where he belongs at the dinner table and in the backseat next to his brother. I miss out on buying gifts for his birthday and Christmas. Tears come easily and regularly and sometimes I just have to take the day to grieve my precious, strong heart warrior.

As my husband and I have worked through and faced our devastating grief, we talked about growing our family again. We both remembered conversations we had during our dating and engagement about hopes for our future. One of our dreams was to have biological children, and also to adopt children. We would say to one another, “Have two. Adopt two.”

We are now pursuing adoption to grow our family. We have completed all of the many requirements to be approved for our home study and by our agency. Now, we simply wait for THE phone call that says we are matched with our child. As you can imagine, I am glued to my phone!

There are many roads to motherhood. I married in my mid-thirties and honestly, in my single years, I had moments where I wondered if I would have the opportunity to become a mom. But, I certainly never, ever dreamed that I would be a mom of loss. No one wants that title. With God’s grace, I will always be juggling the deep emotions of loving my first-born son, grieving the loss of my second born son, and the exciting anticipation of becoming a mom again through adoption.”

Amy is life coach and writer who has worked for several large non-profit ministries including Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. Amy is married to her husband, Corey, who is a news helicopter pilot in Chicago. They have two sons, Graham and Hudson. Graham is three and half years old. After battling congenital heart disease, Hudson passed away at eight months old. They are also in the process of growing their family through adoption. You can find Amy wrestling with God on her blog at

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