Infertility Awareness Week

Today a couple is arguing because the romance and spontaneity of intimacy has been replaced with strategic and scheduled intercourse. Today a women is running late to a meeting but the weight of her 10th straight negative pregnancy test forces her to take a “bathroom break” to regroup. Today a husband is unsure how to support a wife suffering from depression after a stillbirth. Today a woman will hear from her doctor that she has lost another baby. Today a couple is crushed by the news that their adoption has fallen through. Today a woman will blow out birthday candles with a huge void in her heart.

This week is Infertility Awareness Week. It is important to raise awareness about infertility and the variety of complications and situations couples run into. Let’s get honest people. Infertility is hard. Really, really, hard! Remember, 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant. That means you likely have a friend who could use a few resources. So I created a list for R2M readers to check out. I tried to include a variety so everyone who visits this page can find something that speaks to their heart. Now’s your chance to support those facing infertility!



In Due Time is a wonderful Blog by Caroline. She is having a give-away this week in honor of Infertility Awareness.

If you’re struggling with Infertility and using IVF Karen has a powerful story on her Living With Eyes Wide Open Blog.

Mommy Interrupted is a good resources founded by Nicole, who lost her daughter to an unexplained stillbirth.

Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby has a lot of encouraging and helpful posts.

Dreaming of Diapers is another good blog about IVF and infertility.

Men hurt too… This is a great resource for the Grieving Dads.


NIAW or National Infertility Awareness Week has so many ways you can get involved with your community and raise awareness.

If you are pregnant with cancer Hope for Two can connect you with someone who has the same type of cancer as you.

If you need a creative outlet to express your personal journey you can visit The Art of Infertility.

If you are suffering from the loss of a baby Return to Zero offers healing retreats and online support.

#goPINKandBLUE helps raise awareness about pregnancy and infant loss and speaks up about this topic that use to be shushed.

Share is a great resources for pregnancy and infant loss support.

If you would like to share your story please click here. You can follow us on Twitter @Traci_R2M or like us on Facebook.


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