A Rainbow Prayer

I find it fascinating that a rainbow needs both sunlight and water droplets to exist. Without the two we would never enjoy the magnificent array of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet in an intricate spectrum of color across the sky.  It’s impossible to have one without the other. The sun needs the rain to reflect and refract. The rain needs the suns luminance to bounce back through the droplets to finally reach our eyes. A rainbow is a great example of how two completely different components somehow work together to make something beautiful.

I think suffering and joy have a unique relationship similar to that of rain and the sun. God allows both suffering and joy because this is a broken sinful world and because we serve a merciful God. I believe this is one of the many paradoxes of Christianity. We must die to live, we must be last to be first, we must be poor to be rich, we must be the least to become the greatest, etc. While I don’t fully understand how the rain and sun produce a rainbow, nor do I understand the reasoning behind a rainbow, I am certain it is there; regardless if I can see it from my current viewpoint. 

This is true not only in nature but in life. It is hard to explain the pain of losing a baby you will never meet. It’s hard to explain the pure joy that is stripped when the innocent life growing inside of you is taken. That is why I believe there is no better term suited for the blessing of a healthy baby that comes after a miscarriage than rainbow baby.

A rainbow baby is a baby that is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. A rainbow baby is the sunlight after a rainstorm. It is the joy that comes after the suffering. I am happy to say my rainbow baby is due this March. I refer to her as my double rainbow because she is a double blessing to both my husband and I. After two miscarriages I was surrounded by a million raindrops. Slowly but surely God gave me rest and helped me understand his plan for Adam and I. Slowly the sunlight peeked through to reveal our rainbow. 

I still think about all the women who are waiting for a ray of sunlight to shine through. I know what it’s like to be praying for your own rainbow baby. That is why I would like to end this blog post with a prayer you can share with anyone still waiting for their rainbow baby. – Traci 

A Rainbow Prayer:

Praise be to God, Lord of my life, God of all comfort, God of all grace.
You are perfect in every way. You go before me, You never leave me nor forsake me.
Your loving-kindness and compassion never cease; even in the midst of my sorrows.
You are the God of hope, You are close to my broken heart, You restore in me a right spirit.
Let me not forget You are my strength, You are my Shepard, You are my guide throughout the day.
Let me not forget your ways are higher than my ways as the heavens are higher than the earth.
Let me not forget my sorrows may threaten to overtake me but You will deliver me from them all.
Give me joy as I hope and trust in your perfect plan for my family.
Give me patience as I wait for the blessing of a child.
Give me rest as I take refuge under your wing.
Give me the strength to persevere through this trial and to seek You in the midst of my storms.
Deliver me from my anxious heart and restore peace to my restless mind.
Only You have the creative power to take droplets of rain and beams of sunlight; to take sorrow and joy; and create a beautiful masterpiece of colors we call a rainbow.
May my rainbow be revealed in your perfect timing, in your perfect will for my life.
To God be the glory and honor forever. Amen.

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Photographs by Mark Holladay.

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