Gift Ideas for a Grieving Heart

‘Tis the season to be jolly, right? Loved ones gather round fires, old friends reunite, and grandparents proudly watch grandchildren scream with excitement over presents. So many families anticipate the coming holiday season with hope and joy. But there are a number of couples who are preparing for more than just the snow storms and Aunt Betty’s outrageous stories. Many are taking a deep breath before the influx of “Babies First Christmas” cards arrive. They are graciously buying their nieces and nephews wonderful gifts dreaming of the day they can do the same for their own children. They are waiting for their chance to grow their family.

Are you looking to purchase a gift for someone who might not have a white Christmas this year? I have come up with a few Christmas gift ideas for infertile couples based on different price ranges. I hope this list gives you a few ideas on how you can brighten your friends’ holiday.

$10 or Less- Personal Message

Sit down and write a prayer for the infertile couple you know. Share this prayer with others who would like to help (make sure to keep the couple anonymous if they are not ready to share their infertility story with others). Ask those who are willing to pray over the infertile couple on Christmas Day and to incorporate the written prayer you created.

In a Christmas card write down “Do not open until Christmas.” Include the prayer and the name of each person who will be praying for them on Christmas Day in the card.  Add a bouquet of flowers or put the prayer in a picture frame for a nice touch.

$50 or Less- Restaurant Gift Card

Couples who struggle with infertility could benefit from a nice date night. Your friend is likely on a tight budget due to IVF or adoption expenses. The past few months or even years have probably been a stress on their bank account and emotions. Many families save money by cutting out the restaurant expense. A night out could relieve some of the stress of a long day without the added worry of an expensive bill.

$100 or Less- Maid Service

Clutter can infest the mind and increase the stress level of your infertile friend. When disappointing news arrives it can be emotionally exhausting and the last thing your friend wants to worry about is cleaning. This chore has likely fallen to the bottom of your friends’ to-do-list the longer they have been struggling with infertility. Offer a maid service that will dust the base boards, scrub the showers, and reach those impossible corners. Opening the door to a clean home can brighten anyone’s day. The couple will be grateful for the extra help and the feeling of a clean start.

$300 or Less- Couples Spa Day

Tension can be stored in the neck, shoulders, and back during stressful times. A spa package is a great treat to give your friends who need to decompress. I recommend a couples spa because infertility is just as stressful for men as it is for women. Your friends are doing this journey together as a team. Pamper them both so they can use this time to draw closer to one another.

Five Star Treatment

Do you own a second home, an expensive water toy, or have a company hook up? If you can offer a weekend getaway at your beach house, offer a day out on the lake with a few Jet-Ski’s, or can provide free football tickets courtesy of your company… go for it! Nothing is better than a nice relaxing weekend out of the house for a couple struggling with infertility. Remind them what it’s like to have fun and don’t be afraid to be that friend willing to go the extra mile. Yes, it might be hard to let go of those two football tickets or hand over the keys to the Jet Ski’s but your friends will be forever grateful for your generosity.

Your contribution, no matter how great or small, is a priceless gift. Don’t forget about those struggling to make this holiday season bright. No matter your circumstance this Christmas, I pray you find a reason to enjoy the season.



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